I registered Jerobee.com and created this site hoping to find other fans, enthusiasts and collectors of JoMac / Jerobee cars, parts and memorabilia. The response has been pretty good; people from all around the world have written in, sharing various experiences and pictures.

Then a short time laterĀ I received an e-mail that I never even considered a possibility. Former JoMac Products Inc. / Jerobee co-owner (and past R.O.A.R. Vice President) Don McKay casually wrote in and mentioned that he had some things he love to see on jerobee.com!

After I recovered from the shock, I read about the great memories he had and wanted to share with the site. Then, he extended an offer for me to come and check out the collection of manuals, photos, promotional materials and even business documents from JoMac Products Inc! Obviously, I couldn’t turn that offer down, and I glad I didn’t. I came home with more amazing stories than I can possibly remember and hundreds of pieces for the Jerobee.com collection!

After the original site was hacked by some bad guys, it got put in the back burner for a while. Well, more than a while… but another email from Don spurred me into rebuilding the site with modern tools, and here we are.

If you have pictures, information, questions or comments about these great old radio control cars, please contact us!

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